Stay in touch.

At The Yoga Casa, we love our community. We aren't sure what is coming next but we would love to stay in touch with our growing, thriving community. Whether you are part of this community or just watching from the sidelines, we have a newsletter to keep you updated with what we are doing. This is a quick-reading, body-positive, once a week (-ish) type email (and no phone calls unless necessary). If you have other quandaries, reach me at the email below. Hope to see you on our email list soon!

What's a body positive studio?

Hi, I'm Lora.

I'm a yoga instructor/studio owner but I'm not what you think. I'm not a human Gumby. I don't have legs that can twist around themselves or arms that can reach around numerous body parts and still meet lovingly behind my back. My two kids later, still look pregnant, Buddha belly gets in the way during several poses. My voluptuous shape means I'm constantly looking for jeans with more stretch and zero buttons.  My constant attempt to build strong enough abs to do all those crazy poses I see on Instagram can be futile. Sitting in meditation was at first challenging, oh and it continues to be! Still, I love my practice. I love how it keeps me strong, calm(er), and mobile. I love the teachings. I love the challenge. I'm a yogi through and through.

When I noticed that at every studio I went to, I was the only one in a body that screamed "I love broccoli but that doesn't mean I don't eat ice cream too" I knew I had to do something. I opened The Yoga Casa which I believe is the first (and only) truly body positive yoga studio in the DFW area. At The Yoga Casa, you are accepted for who you are, in the body you are in.

What is The Yoga Casa like? Think riots not diets, body positivity over body shame, love over hate, as well as radical acceptance and community where all people are treated with dignity and respect. Stop in and see for yourself!

Take me to the website, I want to know more!